Mickelson Clarified Dictionary of Old Testament Hebrew

Editor, Translator: Jonathan K Mickelson
Lexicographer: Jonathan K Mickelson
(in Hebrew): יהונתן במשיח ברמיכאל

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ISBN/EAN: 9781609220112
Media: Paperback
Pages: 438
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Publisher: LivingSon Press
Edition description: Vocabulary Series
Edition number: 1
Publication Date: December 31, 2015
Status: In Print
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This biblical reference dictionary reconciles biblical English vocabulary with biblical Hebrew vocabulary in order to assure the highest degree of conceptual integrity while maintaining English word consistency with the Hebrew text itself.

The companion reference translation uses this vocabulary to reveal the fullness of the biblical Hebrew, along with using enhanced grammar and punctuation. The Mickelson Clarified Translation ("Hilkiah Edition") is being hand-translated into an easily readable English dialect that preserves the distinct concepts and contextual meanings used in the biblical Hebrew text. This translation carefully interweaves biblical patterns of speech and communication into modern English.

The benefit is a more accurate presentation and correlation of biblical thoughts, concepts and instructions.

Through the use of this dictionary, one will learn biblical Hebrew words and concepts along with associated Hebraic concepts and eternal spiritual truths. However, in order to truly enjoy a fuller understanding of the richness and clarity of God's Word, the student should embrace both biblical Greek and Hebrew as specially selected languages. This clarified Hebrew dictionary and its clarified companion translation were created to help one move beyond the traditional limitations of English translation. One may readily partake more fully of the written conversation.

The purpose is "to bring the English-speaking person to the Word of God, not the Word of God to the English-speaking person." That is, by using a clarified biblical English vocabulary, to bring the person up toward the fullness of the Holy Scriptures, and not to diminish the Holy Scriptures by diluting it down toward various cultural, transient, and generational mindsets.