Mickelson Clarified Scholar Old Testament

Editor, Translator: Jonathan K Mickelson
Lexicographer: Jonathan K Mickelson
(in Hebrew): יהונתן במשיח ברמיכאל

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ISBN/EAN: 9781609220105
Media: Paperback
Pages: 862
List Price: $48.00 USD
Publisher: LivingSon Press
Edition description: Vocabulary Series
Edition number: 1
Publication Date: September 8, 2015
Status: In Print
Product dimensions: 7 x 10 x 1.71 inches (w-h-d)
Product dimensions: 178 x 254 x 43mm (w-h-d)
Shipping Weight: 3.233 lbs / 1,465 grams

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A More Precise Translation of the Hebrew and Aramaic Scripture.
"Bringing the English-speaking person to the Word of God." - The PlowShare Mission

This unabridged reference translation reveals the fullness of biblical Hebrew and Aramaic using modern English words with enhanced grammar and punctuation. The Mickelson Clarified Translation was hand-translated into a readable, intermediate English form that preserves the distinct concepts and contextual meanings used in the biblical Hebrew/Aramaic text.

This intermediate translation carefully interweaves biblical patterns of speech and communication into English.

The companion dictionary also helps the student move beyond the traditional limitations of English translation.

One primary undertaking required by this endeavor was to fully reconcile biblical English vocabulary with biblical Hebrew and Aramaic vocabulary in order to assure the highest degree of conceptual integrity while maintaining English word consistency with the Hebrew/Aramaic text itself.

The benefit is a more accurate presentation and correlation of biblical thoughts, concepts, and instructions.